VST177W1.57R020-3S06 GH130


TungMeister head for slotting of 1.5 - 3.17mm width with 3 tooth

Leverandører Tungaloy
Type Sporfræsehoveder
Coner radius (r) 0.2
Connection retention knob thread size (CRKS) S06
Connection screw size for TungMeister (S) S06
Corner radius (RE) 0.2
Cutting depth maximum (CDX) 3.8
Cutting diameter (DC) 17.7
Cutting edge width (W) 1.57
Cutting width (CW) 1.57
Flute count (NOF) 3
Flute helix angle (FHA) 0
Helix angle (Helx Agl) 0
Max depth of slot (T max) 3.8
No_ of flutes (z) 3
Tightening torque (Torque) 10
Tool diameter (Dc) (Dc) 17.7
Wrench (Wrench) KEYV-177
Antal Skær 3
Skærelængde 3.80
Applikation Side Slotting
Skærebredde 1.57