VGC120L10.0R10-02S08 AH725


TungMeister head for counter boring

Leverandører Tungaloy
Type Opboringshoveder
Coner radius (r) 1
Connection retention knob thread size (CRKS) S08
Connection screw size for TungMeister (S) S08
contact surface diameter machine side (DCSFMS) 11.5
Corner radius (RE) 1
Cutting diameter (DC) 12
Depth of cut maximum (APMX) 10
Face diameter for TungMeister (d1) 11.5
Flute count (NOF) 2
Flute helix angle (FHA) 10
Functional length (LF) 14.2
Helix angle (Helx Agl) 10
Max_ Depth of Cut (Max_ ap) 10
No_ of flutes (z) 2
order (order) 11
Over all length L (L) 14.2
Tightening torque (Torque) 15
Tool diameter (Dc) (Dc) 12
Wrench (Wrench) KEYV-S08
Antal Skær 2
Skærelængde 10.00
Totallængde 14.20
Applikation Boring, Opboring