Se mere her SLOKY




Chienfu-Tec CNC machine shop was founded in 1979, with 30s years’ experience and nearly 120s units of machineries and testing equipment,
dedicated into producing high precision metal CNC machine parts. Under the leadership of the founder and second generation, CEO, Mr. Jeff Chuang, we insisting providing customers high efficiency, high quality, and high satisfaction globally with continuous innovation and invention. Furthermore, we also integrate our experience and expertise into manufacturing sophisticated CNC precision machining, lathing and milling parts for various application including automobile, 3C devices and medical.

Chienfu not only pursuing advanced technology and capability with malti-country patents, but also has passed the international quality management system ISO9000 and ISO14001 authentication and QC080000 RoHS certificate from ECCB for our quality assurance.

One stop solution for your CNC needs for time saving: services from design and CNC programming to machining, assembling, package, labeling, QC and also services of anodizing, plating, passivation, coating, laser printing and drilling.

In 2012, we also proudly launched “Sloky”, the only and smallest “torque screwdriver” original designed for CNC cutting tools of machining, lathing, turning, and milling parts. Change how we fasten and standardize for fastening! Easily customize from 0.1~6Nm with small MOQ.


Work Station Sloky torque screwdriver with bits of Hex, Torx and Torx Plus for different Nm torque adapters.
User friendly for CNC cutting tool of machining, turning and milling.


Der er ingen produkter, der matcher dit valg.